With several of Sydney’s universities ranking in the top 100 in the world, it’s easy to see why Syndey is a top choice for international students, when choosing to study abroad. Sydney universities offers an extensive range of globally recognised courses, with all the resources and support right there at your fingertips.

A Haven for Scholars and Go-Getters

Home to some of the finest universities, Sydney, leaves you spoilt for choice if you choose to study here.

With a wide array of options for all specialties and pathways, Victoria University and University of Sydney (Pictured) are just two of the high class learning facilities on offer.

Beautiful, bustling Sydney is home to 20 Universities, and many, many colleges. Situated right on the water, stretching out as far as 10,000km in any direction, Sydney lays claim to the title of Australia’s biggest city.


With the ideal lifestyle for the go getter or the business person, Sydney’s city is somewhere you could easily get lost while taking in beautiful sight after breathtaking view.


Syndey isn’t just a business hub, it’s also home to other sights such as Australia’s most famous beach, Bondi (Pictured), which was home to the 2000’s summer olympics, and is featured in cinema and it’s own TV show “Bondi Rescue”