Health Insurance

Health Insurance

If you are planning to live abroad for study, work or to visit family you will need health insurance in the form of OVHC or OSHC, in order for your VISA to be granted. The success of your application may also depend on many factors, including; where you will work and where you will study. Access to the local medical system may be restricted, therefor OVHC or OSHC may be necessary for care and medical treatment within Australia. We are proud to offer a range of health insurance options, with something to suit your needs.

Types of Health Cover


The visitor class of health insurance. For anyone coming to Australia as a temporary graduate, visitor, or international worker. Unlike a student VISA, this is not always required for vistor and worker VISA’s. For example; for 417, 462 and 600 VISA’s it is not mandatory to have health cover. Regardless, it is recommended to purchase insurance, in case of emergency.


Health cover specifically for international students studying in Australia. It serves to provide international students with a basic level of health insurance cover whilst they study in Australia. This option is available if you are planning on applying for a student VISA. This is required before the VISA can be granted.


It can include hospital admissions, ambulance trips, doctor’s appointments, and some other services.


Providers Include: