Professional Year

Professional Year

The Professional Year Program helps to enhance the capabilities of Engineering/IT/Accounting aspirants so that they can find employment suitable for abilities. Before stepping into professions in the real world, the PY program helps aspirants become proficient in their skills. It is an excellent choice to get nurtured before entering a good organization in places like Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane & Clayton in Australia.


The Professional Year program accords a certain level of superiority to all the international students, IT Graduates, Engineering Graduates, and Accounting Graduates. It prepares them for their next endeavour. Clearing the Professional Year fetches applicants five points for their Australia Immigration application.


The overall program duration is 44 weeks. There are 12 weeks of internship, during which the applicant learns how to cope with the workplace environment in Australia, and how to communicate better.

What are the basic requirements to apply for a Professional Year Program?

  • The first criterion is that the candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree in either Accounting, IT, or Engineering disciplines.
  • The applicants need to score overall of 6 bands to apply for Post Study Work Stream 485.
  • As per the Accounting Professional Year Program, the applicant has to score six bands in each module for Temporary Graduate visa subclass 485, to get registered in a Professional Year Program. The applicant must have more than 12 months in hand for TR 485 Visa.

What are the benefits of Professional Year?

  • The most important benefit of the Professional Year Program is that upon completion, applicants gain five points towards their Australia PR application.
  • The program helps you gain an understanding of the Australian working culture.
  • It adds value to your CV.
  • Builds your professional skills through the internship.
  • Through the internship program, you get the opportunity to learn professional skills and get a Professional Year certificate.
  • You also get to develop your network with industry professionals.