With world class education, and the a fantastic lifestyle and community culture. Perth is a fanastic choice for study, living and post study work. Plenty of job opportunities and friendly faces await!

Enjoy the Year Round Sunshine!

With perths top four universities being some of the best education in Australia, and paired with Perths rich, diverse landscapes and culture, who would pass up an opportunity to live and study here?

Perth universities include:

  1. The University of Western Australia 

  2. Edith Cowan University 

  3. Murdoch University 

  4. Curtin University 

It also boasts some excellent opportunities for vocational courses in a range of high demand and specialty industries.

Aside form world class education, Perth is incredibly safe, affordable and has a greats arts and events scene. Beauiful beaches, red sand, and endless sunshine await, in this amazing destination, ideal for your study journey, and beyond.


Perth has a regional classification, however it’s no small fry city. It has plenty to taste, smell, and delight in, as you explore the expansive city and beyond.

If you’re interested in studying in Perth, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff.