Besides the beautiful landscapes, Hobart is home to some remarkable study environments, excellent student resources and access to scholarships, work opportunities and a great student support service. Hobart is easy to navigate, with most of the city being in walking distance, making it easy to get to class, or to a meeting.

A Bustling Metropolis Situated in the Heart of Tranquil Wilderness

Hobart is home to The University of Tasmania, among other excellent colleges and student resources. UTAS offers a wide range of courses, each tailored to meet the standards of the industry.

UTAS campuses are vibrant with lush gardens and great architecture, with every course offered at the highest standard of compatible education.

Along with fantastic learning opportunities, Hobart is home to a vibrant culture, amazing food, and a sight to behold at every stop. It boasts splendid waterfront views and huge rolling mountains, with greater Tasmania offering some of the most beautiful views and experiences Australia can offer.   With everything from skiing, beautiful hikes through untouched wilderness or just simply grabbing a coffee at a quiet little coffee shop, Tasmania is a top choice for a fantastic student lifestyle!   For more information about Tasmania, please check out our Why Tasmania page