Nestled in the beautiful state of South Australia, sits Australia’s city with the lowest cost of living. If you’re interested in amazing beaches, delicious wine, beautiful landscapes and a very accessable city, then Adelaide is for you!

Adelaide: With Everything at Your Fingertips

With over 40,000 student enrolments in 2021 from students from 120 countries around the world, it makes you wonder, do they know something you don’t?


Then you realise that it’s simply the fact of Adelaide’s amazing lifestyle, beaches and people that make it so appealing to students from around the world.

South Australia’s largest employment sectors are health care and social assistance, which represent around 14 percent of all employment in the state.


South Australia is known as the top place for wine enthusiasts in Australia, with four out fo six of the top wine regions are in South Australia.


With abundant work opportunities, beaches galore and a lower cost of living than any other Australian capital city, what’s keeping you from beautiful Adelaide?